Responsive business website makes your business noticeable on the internet- know how?

Responsive web designs are webpages that resize themselves depending on the type of device it is being used on.  The screen can be that of an oversized desktop computer monitor, a laptop or any small screens like smartphones and tablets.

Responsive web designing has turned out to be an essential tool for anyone having a digital presence. With the increasing growth of smartphones, tablets and other devices, more and more people are using smaller-screens to view the web pages.

Reasons to switch to a responsive website

Most businesses feel that switching over to a responsive website involves an investment of money, time and resources and thus avoids it. But the fact is, in this world of mobile phones if you ignore switching to responsive web designs it will definitely hamper your business. You will be left behind in terms of competition. Here, are a few reasons explaining as to why is it necessary for you to switch to a responsive website immediately:

  • Increasing use of smartphones – The usage of mobile phones in Australia continued to rise gradually since 2011 and was estimated to reach 20 million by 2019. With the penetration of smartphones, the use has increased nearly by 85% in 2019.





  • Mobile phone friendly - Businesses that have implemented responsive design today are reaping huge rewards with the increasing number of smartphone users. Responsive design practically helps your website adapt to different screens and boosts your overall business.

  • Get more traffic – Since surveys say, mobile phones are accountable for more than half of all internet traffic thus increasing around 51% of digital browsing. Be it films, gaming, books or purchase through e-commerce sites, making bill payments implementing responsive design for mobile is the most cost-effective way to tap maximum traffic to your website. It has been revealed that mobile users make more purchases even on the go.

Responsive image

  • SEO-friendly - Switching to responsive design boosts the SEO value of your website. Since the responsive website uses a single URL across multiple devices it eliminates SEO errors and makes it simpler for Google to help offer your website a good rank.

  • Useful for small local businesses – With the increasing use of smartphones, the platform for local companies has increased by leaps and bounds. By implementing responsive websites these small local businesses are able to compete with the big shots without much investment. They can save a lot on marketing promotions by shifting to a responsive website.

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  • Effective for businesses using social media - If your business uses social media, the chances are that there would be visitors on your website due to the seamless browsing experience responsive design. This saves you from all kinds of unnecessary marketing efforts.


  • Cost-efficient advertising – There was a time when mobile advertising was an under-utilized opportunity. But eventually, with time, the revenue generated from the mobile display has exceeded that of the desktop. So, to see your business bloom, you should shift to this cost-effective mode of advertising which is possible only due to responsive websites.